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Eurola – We are Australian manufacturers and distributors of European architectural Retractable Roof Pergolas, Operable Louvre Pergolas, Folding Arm Awnings and External Sunscreens. Using only the finest quality and world class manufacturing techniques, all Eurola products have been adapted to the Australasian climate making us the iconic brand in Australia and New Zealand as well as on a global scale for residential homes and commercial businesses. For More Info Visit

Retractable Pergolas

If you are looking to create a perfect entertainment or dining space in your outdoors (whether at home/office), then our retractable pergola is all that you need. In Australia, where you might experience extreme weather conditions on any given day, relaxing outdoors isn’t easy. However, with Eurola’s high-quality range of retractable pergola shade and retractable pergola roof, you’ll get the shield you require to endure any climate: shine, hail or rain. To Know More

Retractable Awnings

Our retractable awnings will prolong and enhance your outdoor lifestyle. It gives you absolute control over the local weather on your terms. Awnings provide shade without blocking the view. On a sunny day, you can unroll it to get instant shade and protection. For Know More

Louvre Roof

Eurola’s louvre roof systems are precisely engineered to withstand Australian tough weather conditions, including cyclonic areas. A Eurola louvre roof will instantly make your new favourite outdoor space. Your living space will now flow seamlessly right from the kitchen room out to the well covered patio. To Learn More

Conservatory Awnings

Conservatory awnings were initially made in Europe for glass conservatories. Besides this purpose, they are ideal for creating shade over pergolas and can also be installed with posts. Conservatory awnings created for both residential and commercial purposes are best for a broad variety of uses including protection from hot sunny days. For More Info Visit

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