7 Indoor plants that are hard to kill!

I have some friends that truly say they have a black thumb!  I love to give plants as presents, but I feel bad giving a plant to a friend knowing full well, it will be dead by the next weekend!  These plants are some of my favourite’s that look great inside and you know won’t be dead within a week!  Most of them are actually weeds and are better to be in pots inside than in our gardens outside to spread!

1. Cactus

This may be a given! Considering that they can live off little to no water at all for long periods of time.  That way forgetful owners will be safe to know if they forget to water them for a short while, they won’t turn brown and shrivel up.  Cactus actually prefer their soil to dry out in between watering, so over watering is actually not good for them. They actually thrive on a bit of neglect! There are so many varieties of cactus that will look great in your home, too many to choose! Have you got some spots that are hard to water?…Well, that is the perfect home for a Cactus.

 7 Plants that are hard to kill - Cactus

2. Monstera

monstera deliciosa

This is one of the plants I remember always having in our home when I was a kid, it sure didn’t look like a delicious monster to me! It was always one that took up a fair amount of space, so keep this in mind when planning where you will position your Monstera. They also like a well-light spot and as their leaves are quite large, they can hold onto a fair bit of dust, so a quick wipe over now and again will make it shine!

3. Mother in laws tongue

Sansevieria trifasciata

Also known as the snake plant. This tough succulent will love a medium amount of light and like the cactus enjoys it’s soil to be dried out before it’s next water. They say, that this plant is nearly indestructible, so if you really are one to neglect your indoor plants, this plant is for you!

 7 Indoor Plants that are hard to kill - Mother in laws tongue

4. Aloe

This one is a favourite of mine and probably because it can also be used as a cooling gel on sunburns and is said to have health benefits when ingested! Who wouldn’t want this plant around? 

 7 Indoor Plants that are hard to kill - Aloe Vera

5. Agave

Agave attenuata

If you love the look of an Aloe plant, then you most likely will love the Agave! They bright green robust leaves make the plant look as if it was a piece of sculptured art!  These plants are perfect for indoors and are also a great garden plant so you can move the pot outside in the warmer months.  Keep in mind that the Agave can be quite a large plant and you need to be a little careful where you position these, as their large shaped leaves can be slightly spiky in some varieties.  So maybe best to keep away from small children and boisterous pets!

 7 indoor plants that are hard to kill-Agave


Ficus elastica

Much like the Monstera, the Rubber Plant varieties can grow to quite a large size. So if you want to keep your specimen at a medium size you need to keep it in a smaller pot. It is a hardy plant, however like most of the other plants, don’t over-water and also it doesnt like to be moved around too much.

 7 indoor plants that are hard to kill - Rubber Plant

7. Air plants


Who needs dirt?!!  These have to be my favourite of all the easy to look after indoor plants.  They do however need to have constant air circulation and do not like full sun as they usually grow on other trees, so live in their shadow. If you are wanting to add something special to a room as if they were an architectural feature, then house your favourite Air plant (or more) in a terrarium or you can just plonk it on a shelf somewhere to add a bit of interest.

 7 Indoor Plants that are hard to Kill - Air Plant

Although, these plants may be hard to kill, they still require some TLC. Dependent on the exact variety of the ones you choose, each will have particular light and watering requirements. So make sure you ask your local nursery, what they suggest for the species before you take it home.

 7 Indoor Plants that are hard to kill by Kitchen Bathroom Hub

Tips & Tricks

  • Know the location that you want to put the plant, before you go to the nursery.
  • Check how much sunlight hits the space
  • Understand that all plants don’t need watering all the time. You don’t want to kill your cactus!
  • Be sure to let your plant babies outside sometimes for some fresh air