Stay on budget for your bathroom renovation with these simple steps.

We spoke to Danny Pettiona from The Reno Mentor to get tips to help you from going over budget on your bathroom renovation. Danny is a husband, new dad and owner of 3 separate businesses in the construction industry, one of which has completed nearly 400 renovations, spent close to $20,000,000, which has translated into yearly profit into the 7-figures! He has some fantastic usable tips and information that anyone who is about to embark on renovating their bathroom needs to read first.

Caesarstone Releases 3 New Colours in 2018

Caesarstone brings us a brand new collection this winter! Three new colours have been added to their range to their new Metropolitan Collection

7 Indoor plants that are hard to kill!

I have some friends that truly say they have a black thumb!  I love to give plants as presents, but I feel bad giving a plant to a friend knowing full well, it will be dead by the weekend!  These plants are some of my favourite’s

Black tapware – yes or no?

Are you trying to decide on having black tapware for your new kitchen or bathroom?  Black tapware is definitely one of the latest trends, but is it going to stick around?