Black tapware – yes or no?

Are you trying to decide on having black tapware for your new kitchen or bathroom?  Black tapware is definitely one of the latest trends, but is it going to stick around? We all don’t want to design our new bathroom and then realise it is completely dated in a few years. Even worse, no one wants their black coating to turn to grey or tarnish after only a few months. Before you go out and purchase all your tapware in the colour black, find out what to look out for so you are happy with your choice in years to come.

So why is black tapware so popular?…..  

…because it’s adaptable!

No matter whether your kitchen or bathroom is contemporary, classic, country or industrial. Black tapware is sure to make a statement piece or blend in well with the rest of your room. Of course it looks A-maaazing in a monochromatic kitchen or bathroom, but it doesn’t have to be just reserved for black & white. I have even had clients say to me, that it would only suit a modern style!  Lucky for us, black tapware works with any colour scheme or finish and looks fabulous with any style room. It suits the texture of natural timber and works well with nearly all stone benchtops and nothing does justice better than black tapware and subway tiles with dark grout.

…it shows less watermarks & fingerprints

Who wants a tap that shows watermarks and fingerprints all over it? Especially for those of us who have a tap on our kitchen island, being the central focal point of the entire room. Many of us who have had to purchase or sell taps, will know that most tapware has a chrome finish. There are also stainless steel taps, however they come with a slightly more expensive price tag. These days there are also so many other options, such as brass taps, gold taps and even bright coloured versions, but we will save that for another post. The main reason many people adore their black tapware, is because it seems to hide watermarks & fingerprints much better than chrome or stainless steel tapware.

Is it just a trend?

If you are like me, you don’t want to just purchase tapware that you will want to replace in a couple of years as it looks dated, costing you money.  It isn’t the first time that black tapware has been around on the market.  It came out few years ago, but back then there were mostly powder-coated options…but this time it is here to stay! So many retailers not only stock a few black taps, they now stock full ranges in varying styles. We say a big YES to black tapware! If chrome can stay, then so can black!

Are there different Qualities?

Definitely! It is a very important factor to consider when purchasing your new black tapware. When it was first on the market years ago, it’s powder-coated finish gave it a bad rap. Who wouldn’t have been turned off if their black tap started peeling, tarnishing or discolouring?….Then in comes Electroplating. This type of process gives a durable finish that is more resistant to scratches than powder-coating. Of course there is a price difference for the quality, as with most things.  It is best to ask whether it is electroplated or powder-coated and always check the warranty period. Keep in mind if you want to change your tapware down the track, not only do you have purchase new tapware, you also have to pay for a plumber. So go for a quality black tap as it will save you money in the end.


1. Choose tapware that is Electroplated and not Powder-Coated

2. Check the warranty and restrictions on the warranty

3. Don’t use harsh chemicals to clean your tapware, warm soapy water and a soft cloth should do the trick, however check the manufacturers recommendations as all tapware is made differently.

3. Be bold – Be Edgy – Black tapware is here to stay!