Caesarstone Releases 3 New Colours in 2018

What perfect timing to release these stunning colours, ready for the mid-year rush! Caesarstone sure knows how to bring us the good stuff with their colour range. These new products are sure to be a big hit!

Introducing Excava™, Airy Concrete™ & Topus Concrete™ all in the new Metropolitan Collection which showcases their industrial urban selections.

What you will notice most when you see the material is there has been a great lot of detail that has gone into getting the colours, the mixture of patterns and the texture just right.  Each one has it’s own unique look and they are so authentic in matching the key style elements of industrial interior design.

Designs inspired by oxidized steel, poured plaster and raw concrete

— Caesarstone


Bold is the word for this unique stone and it is a perfect material to help industrialise your design. The rust colours throughout the stone give it a warmth that will give it a robust yet blended look, perfect for a room that you want to still have a modern feel.

 Caesarstone brings us a new colour this winter! Excava is one of the new colours in the Metropolitan Collection

Its beauty reflects the geological decay of stone, weathered by time and nature.

— Caesarstone

Topus Concrete

The colours in these images, don’t do this material justice. This warm toned stone has soft blush undertones and it is going to be a versatile stone that will work well with a number of colours. In sample form, it almost looks like it has a neutral milky coffee undertone with hints of soft grays in some light. The high movement in the pattern works well giving a minimalist industrial style appearance.

Airy Concrete

This versatile surface is the perfect base to accompany shades of timber, tiles or slate or any feature finished tapware. The soft grey tones with veins of darker shades, allow the accents to stand out against a backdrop of depth, rather than a flat plane.

If you are looking for something to give your design an edge, then you really should be looking and feeling some of these samples, So find your nearest Caesarstone Showroom or ask your Kitchen Designer to show you a sample.  They new produts really are first of their kind quartz surfaces.

We are interested in featuring kitchen or bathroom projects with these new products. If you have a project in mind, we would like to hear from you.  Contact us for your project to be featured. 

Tips + Tricks

  • Topus Concrete and Airy Concrete are both in the Supernatural Range
  • Excava is in the Supernatural Ultra Range
  • They all come in Slab size 3050mm x 1440mm x 20mm thick
  • For benchtops greater than 20mm, mitred apron edge details are recommended
  • They all have a Rough Finish which is matte surface finish and is more susceptible to showing everyday marks so additional cleaning may be required
  • We strongly encourage viewing the materials on displays rather than just in sample form due to the complexity of their patterns
  • Available July 2018