Before and after: Vintage caravan turned mobile beauty bar

When Emily K Hair dreamed up BOB, you knew it was a love affair waiting to happen.  Bob is that friend that you always want around, he is charming, looks good and makes you look fabulous!! What more could you want from a stylish eco-modern mobile caravan salon!

Beauty-on-board aka BOB was lovingly restored and retrofitted with high-end materials to make him one outstanding travelling beauty salon.

 Vintage Caravan Turned mobile beauty bar
 mobile hair salon design
 Mobile Hairdresser Caravan salon

Before the Renovation

Upon first seeing the original Bob, you could tell he had great bones, just like a house can.  Having great bones is one thing, but he really needed a lot of TLC.  Emily realised the importance of hiring a designer who specialised in designing spaces and cabinetry to make sure she came up with a design that would suit her needs and use the space efficiently.  The existing layout wasn’t the greatest with large shelving area’s inside taking up a lot of the much needed space.

The before images

The space was opened right up and new storage and seating areas were built along with a small vessel basin sink area for a wash-up area. The original seating down the other end was lovingly restored

Emily’s vision of Bob was for him to be comfortable, eco & chic caravan and that, he certainly is. For the finishes, Emily wanted to have a look and feel of a bright modern feminine feel that also had a little rustic charm. With areas for storage for products to use and to sell along with a lot of workspace area.  The long timber benchtop with storage underneath gave her just that and she sourced some lovely timber that was built into a benchtop to give BOB that warm earthy charm. One of Emily’s favourite pasttimes is wandering through thrift stores and finding special pieces, so she wanted to incorporate some of her finds.  These included the cute little knobs that are used to open all the cabinets in BOB and the timber open boxes on the wall.

Emily sure transformed this tired vintage caravan into a unique eco modern mobile salon that she loves going to work in.

 Beauty on Board before photo of new seating area and vessel basin
 Beauty on Board stone vessel basin and additional seating area

Natural sulphate free & paraban free products

What we love most about Bob, is that Emily has carefully tried and tested an array of different products, before finally deciding on products that are natural, sulphate and paraben-free! So now you can be pampered knowing that you are being kind to your hair and skin.

Some of our absolute favourites are these beautiful Vegan & Cruelty free products. We love supporting wonderful businesses and being kind to our body as well as our animals.

 Beauty on board is a eco-chic mobile hair salon
 Caravan Design gold coast
 Beauty on board by Emily K Hair

Bob’s caretaker Emily, who is a gypsy at heart, a wandering soul who just loves to make people feel and look absolutely stunning! Everyone who steps out of Emily’s hot seat compliments her on her work as well as her outgoing bubbly nature.

 Mobie Hair Salon Byron Bay to Gold Coast to Brisbane

Emily has a team of artists working with her to bring a truly opulent experience for Bob’s guests. Bob is a perfect addition to any wedding, hen’s night or even pre-party get together with the ladies.  Beauty on board packages are available to suit your needs.

If you are interested in having Bob join your next event, contact Emily today.

Visit Beauty on Board‘s website for more information and to book your package

Designer : Interior Blank

Photographer :  Carly Tia Photography  

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